Dance Essentials Kit (for brown hair)


Double the quantity of bobby pins, ripple pins, hair nets, hair bands and clear elastics in your kit by selecting “Load it up!” below.

$11.00 $9.00


The Dance Essentials Kit is the perfect item for every day use. No longer will bobby pins get lost in the depths of the ballet/dance/gym or cheer bag!

The containers are ultra-durable, high quality Australian-made and are perfect for little hands to open with ease. They are fully molded – so no removable dividers that don’t give a snug fit – this means your items stay in their place!

Each kit contains the following premium accessories, matched to your hair colour:

  • 30 gold/bronze/black bobby pins
  • 30 bronze/black ripple pins
  • 2 blonde/brown/black hair nets
  • 40 small, clear elastics
  • 5 large, blonde/brown/black elastics
  • 1 coloured bow

You choose the colour of the bow along with the colour for the personalised name.

And if you are still afraid of running out of bobby pins, choose “Load it up!” to increase your quantity of pins, nets and bands

Additional information

Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 4 cm