It all began with bobby pins.


Or more specifically, the loss of bobby pins.


Found in the bottom of handbags, under car seats, on the bathroom floor, on the dining room table, wedged in the brush of the vacuum cleaner. And only sometimes, found in their proper home, and even more rarely, in the actual hair style.


To tackle this problem affecting households across Adelaide, a couple of exasperated dance mums got to work.


Determined to find an easier way of housing these critters the dance mums also sought to solve other first world problems like…

  • finding beautiful, well-made, medium-sized bows
  • providing the essential hair bits and pieces in one place
  • sourcing an easy-to-open, Australian-made, high quality plastic container
  • personalising this container with the rightful owner’s name
  • generally catering to OCD tendencies and bringing some much needed tidiness and order to the situation


And goal achieved.


Bows & Buns was born with the introduction of the Essentials Kit.



Fine print: Whilst no guarantees are made about the future security or otherwise of your bobby pins, we know this has worked for us.



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